‘Malus’ Headdress

One size | Velvet | Black
This magnificent headdress is one to wear when you wish to channel your inner 'evil queen'... it's shape is slightly reminiscent of horns, and at each of its pointed tips is a little black crystal droplet, sparkling in the light. In the middle sits a Victorian inspired beaded centrepiece with beaded strands that fall down onto the forehead of the wearer, resting over the black lace half-mask studded with crystals. Metal roses are nestled around the centrepiece, with little leaves and coiling branches peeking out behind them. A cluster of black crystals falls at each side, mimicking the little droplets at the top of the headdress.

***Please note! Each headdress is slightly different as each one is handmade so variations MAY occur in things such as beads, crystal shape and trim.***
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